General info:

The Android app for Sundance Now is currently available in the Play Store - search for it from your device to install, or click here. Sundance Now is compatible on most Android mobile devices. Please check our listing in the Play Store for operating system version requirements.

As of August 8, 2018, you should have version 4.3 and up on your device.

Basic Troubleshooting:

  • Delete and Reinstall the Sundance Now app and reboot your device: Takes a few minutes, but might do the trick!
  • Data / WiFi connection: Using your wireless provider's data to stream is not a strong enough connection.  A download speed of at least 6Mbps is required. Check your download speed by going to in your device's web browser.
  • Clear your cache: If you don’t know how to do this, we recommend running a google search for your specific device + “clear cache” as it is often different on each device.


If you are still experiencing trouble with the site, contact support through our support contact form and let us know what specifically didn’t work. We'll do our very best to get you back on track!