If you suspect someone is paying for a Sundance Now account with your payment information without your consent, or if you do not recognize charges coming from Sundance Now, please contact us immediately. We take fraud, identity theft, and other unauthorized access very seriously. We can immediately cancel the account so that no further charges are billed to your card.  We ask that you refrain from processing a dispute with your bank/credit card company as we can, in many cases, work directly with you to resolve the issue.

Please contact us through our support contact form and include "SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY" in the note.

If you are seeing charges on a new card that you haven’t added to your Sundance Now account, your financial institution has automatically updated this information as a courtesy. Financial institutions do this to ensure that accounts using recurring payments remain in good standing when a new card is issued. In some cases, your financial institution may also allow recurring charges to continue on an expired card. If you have any concerns about this process, please contact your financial institution.